Zaterdag 3 december – Queer Delights 2

Queer Delights dinner and more! Episode 2!
For hungry art loving queers and queer loving peeps.

At 7 pm we will be screening:

#“Las Rubias” (2016, 17min.) by Spanish filmmaker Carlota Martínez Pereda.
– Blonde, stunning, criminals, nothing gets between Marta and Pepa and their goal… Except another blonde. Based on a true story..

#“Rotten” (2014, 17min.) by Turkish filmmaker Mehmet Selcuk Bilge.
– In our country, you have to “prove” your sexual orientation in order to avoid military service. If you are as feminine as they want, you can get a mental disorder report which means you are ROTTEN.

Vegetarian dinner at 7.30  pm
€ 10 (movies included)
Payment at the door
Please reserve your seat at